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So Much to Dew Midnight Mask 50ml


Hydrating and replenishing mask – all skin types 93% natural formula

Plumped skin overnight!
So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is a uniquely concentrated* skin care that nearly perfectly mimics the skin’s original hydrating film. Starting from the first night, this mask replenishes your skin, soaking it in freshness.
Proven efficacy:
After 1 hour**:
31% more moisturization: instantly quenched, your skin is plumped, supple and younger-looking.
From the first nights of use***:
86.5% the skin is more hydrated
94.6% the skin is softer
97.3% the skin is suppler
Paraben free
* 93% of actively hydrating molecules. ** Corneometric testperformed with 17 volunteers. *** Percentage of users who tested the product. Satisfaction test performed with 40 volunteers.

In the evening, perfectly cleanse the face and neck. After removing the lid, place the tube in the ON position. Extract a small amount of product and, using the brush, apply a thin layer on the whole face. If necessary, finish the application with hands. Rinse the brush with warm water and pat dry. Place the tube in the OFF position before putting the lid back on. Leave the mask on all night and rinse in the morning.

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