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Crazy Cream 30ml


Sunkissed effect moisturizing cream - all skin types - Unique self-adjustable universal shade 91% natural formula Double sunkissed effect on your skin!Golden Glow is a tinted moisturizing cream that instantly warms...

Lavish Dream Cream 50ml


Rich day and night anti-aging cream – Mature skin 83% natural formula Lavish dream skin!Who needs the Fountain of Youth when you have the cream of youth? Wrinkles are no match...

Oils in One 30ml


1st hydration corrector rare face oil with hyaluronic acid* - all skin types 93% natural formula Radiance infusion on skin!Faithful to its capacity for innovation, SAMPAR pushes research even further and...

French Rose Mist 75ml


Light moisturizing mist - all skin types 97% natural formula A subtle invitation to freshness...Introducing a new way to wrap skin in well-being and comfort, this innovating air-mist invites to...

SAMPAR H2O Emergency Mask x 1


Rescue your skin ! New and improved formula for even longer hydration! 20 minutes on = 120 hours of hydration! Introducing the refreshing new way to moisturize, H2O ‘Emergency’ Mask...

The Impossible C-Rum 30ml


Global Anti-Aging Serum - all skin types from 20 to 60+ years 75% natural formula Take the skin back in time!5 in 1 action: firmness, anti-wrinkles, hydration, dark spots & radiance....

So Much to Dew Midnight Mask 50ml


Hydrating and replenishing mask – all skin types 93% natural formula Plumped skin overnight!So Much to Dew Midnight Mask is a uniquely concentrated* skin care that nearly perfectly mimics the...

3 Day Weekend 50ml


Moisturizing face care, tan activator and extender - all skin types 91% natural formula Sun in a jar !3 Day Weekend is a moisturizing face care with amazing tan activator and...

So Much To Dew Day Cream 50ml


24H Non-Stop moisturizing cream - all skin types 93% natural formula Vital water at the heart of the cells !First active new generation moisturizing cream*, So Much to Dew Day Cream...

H2O Emergency Mask x3


Moisturizing essence mask - all skin types Rescue your skin!20 minutes on = 120 hours of hydration* !Introducing the refreshing new way to moisturize, H2O ‘Emergency’ Mask is the first...