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Prodigal Pen 6ml


Anti-imperfections roll-on – combination and oily skin 100% natural formula Spot n'Roll, Spot no more!Prodigal Pen and its 8 essential oils (cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cloves and sage) eliminate...

Poreless Magic Peel 50ml


Anti-imperfections face care - combination and oily skin 87% natural formula Say goodbye to blemishes, blackheads and unsightly pores!Poresless Magic Peel to the rescue! With its formula rich in restorative enzymes,...

Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser 125ml


Make-up removing and cleansing foam - combination and oily skin 84% natural formula A wave of freshness and cleanliness...Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser, a delicate blend of essential oils and lime-blossom water,...

Nocturnal Rescue Mask 50ml


Anti-imperfections nocturnal mask – combination and oily skin 93% natural formula Rescue your skin! Nocturnal Rescue Mask tightens pores, diminishes the appearance of blackheads and eliminates marks and cutaneous redness. This...