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Glamour Shot Foundation 25ml


Transparent foundation - all skin types Unique self-adjustable universal shade Zero tint & Zero flaws!Glamour Shot is the first transparent foundation* with a blurring effect that guarantees a flawless and immediate...

Glamour Shot Matte Perfection Concealer 15ml


First transparent mattifying concealer! Transparent mattifying concealer – shiny skin Tired of shining in public? SAMPAR schools your T-zone and whips it into shape!Glamour Shot Matte Perfection especially elaborated to combat...

Crazy Cream 30ml


Sunkissed effect moisturizing cream - all skin types - Unique self-adjustable universal shade 91% natural formula Double sunkissed effect on your skin!Golden Glow is a tinted moisturizing cream that instantly warms...

First Hand Cream 50ml


Lipo-repairing cream - Youthful hands Plump up the volume!First cosmetic alternative to hand rejuvenation ! Thanks to its never-before-seen anti-aging formula, First Hand Cream restores volume and density within the...

Poreless Magic Peel 50ml


Anti-imperfections face care - combination and oily skin 87% natural formula Say goodbye to blemishes, blackheads and unsightly pores!Poresless Magic Peel to the rescue! With its formula rich in restorative enzymes,...

The Impossible C-Rum 30ml


Global Anti-Aging Serum - all skin types from 20 to 60+ years 75% natural formula Take the skin back in time!5 in 1 action: firmness, anti-wrinkles, hydration, dark spots & radiance....

White Velvet Mousse 150ml


Make-up removing and clarifying foam for face – all skin types 90% natural formula Do you remember what it was like to have spot free skin? Relearn with the White Velvet...

Spot Lighter 1.8ml


Brightening and anti-spots pen - all skin types 83% natural formula The brown spot tracker!A concentrated lightener with an expert dose of citrus, chamomile and enzymes, Spot Lighter effectively targets unwanted...

Clear Solution Mask 50ml


Purifying and deeply cleansing mask – combination and oily skin 93% natural formula 10 minutes before a matte and bright complexion...Clear Solution Mask soaks up impurities and clarifies the skin without...

Nocturnal Rescue Mask 50ml


Anti-imperfections nocturnal mask – combination and oily skin 93% natural formula Rescue your skin! Nocturnal Rescue Mask tightens pores, diminishes the appearance of blackheads and eliminates marks and cutaneous redness. This...