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Eye Rule 10ml


Global anti-aging fluid for eye contour – all skin types 97% natural formula

Eye Rule and you can, too!
Eye Rule is the 1st anti-aging cream to effectively combat the eye area’s 5 factors of aging*. Its sumptuous formula, enriched with regenerative active ingredients, paired with its innovative pen format provides the fragile eye contour with all the efficacy of a high-tech intervention.
Proven efficacy**:
84% effective anti-wrinkle action
77% effectivive anti-puffiness action
*Dermo-contractions, skin slackening, dehydration, microcirculation and urban pollution. **Self-assessment test with 33 participants.

First use: Switch the button on ON position. Start the pump by pressing several times until a small amount of product comes up.
Apply and massage Eye Rule using light circular motions from the inside to the eye outwards; creating a full circle (dark circles, crow’s feet, arch of the eyebrow, eyelid).The roll-on should be used on the cheekbone and on the eyelid crease to avoid the product to be  too close to the eye. Insist on the fine lines and wrinkles. Pat in the excess.

SAMPAR Hint: For added freshness, store the pen in the refrigerator between applications

Adenosine neutralizes dermo-contractions responsible for expression wrinkles.

Peptides minimize the depth and length of wrinkles by encouraging cellular renewal.
Urban Advance Complex, a SAMPAR exclusive and full- fledged antioxidant shield that neutralizes all skin imbalances due to pollution, steps up the skin’s natural defense systems and, like a cellular shock, reactivates cells’ vital energy.